Come out to sample our range of hand crafted beers, enjoy a jar or two with your friends and take away a growler (1.89L) or bomber (640mL) of your favorite. Ask us about a private brewery tour, as we're always happy to show you around, and share the science and art behind each Batch. Tours are on Saturday and Sunday at 12:30pm and 2:30pm by booking only, so please email for more information and to book in!

What's on tap:

  • American Pale Ale - All Cascade hops from kettle to fermenter.
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Pale Ale, Vienna, Carapils, Light Crystal
    Yeast:American Ale
    Style:American Pale Ale
    The first beer we ever made, American Pale Ale gives a fantastic idea of what we stand for at Batch: fresh, independent, unpasturised, unfiltered, natural, balanced. A combination of Vienna and caramel pilsner malt round off a malt bill that leans towards the drier end of the style, softening its body a touch, before big hits of Cascade hops from the whirlpool and fermentor give a complex burst of fresh cut grass, citrus stone fruit and a touch of pine. This is the beer that shows the quality and nuance you can expect from Batch Brewing Co, and it all started with Chris and Andrew in their backyards. We brew for you.
  • Black Magic Coffee Porter - Coffee infused Porter
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Schooner, Amber, Gladfield Vienna, Carafa III, Chocolate, Crystal Dark
    Hops:East Kent Goldings
    Yeast:American Ale Yeast
    This porter uses a mix of malts to provide a rich, complex flavour that is only heightened by the addition of coffee. Amber malts provide a unique roasted quality that is nutty and toasty. Combined with dried fruit and caramel characters and a touch of roast. It's no wonder that when you add this Voodoo Coffee blend that is known for its well balanced, nutty and roasty character, that this combination will be pure black magic in your glass.
  • Elsie the Milk Stout - Nitrogenated stout with lactose
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:2-Row, Maris Otter, Roast, Light Crystal, Flaked Barley, Flaked Oats, Vienna, Chocolate, Lactose
    Hops:Willamette & Fuggles
    Yeast:American Ale
    Style:Milk Stout
    Elsie is made by combining unfermentable lactose with a malt bill so complex the brewers refer to it as their 'kitchen sink beer'. The result is a beer that's sweet and smooth and dark and roasty, with gentle touches of chocolate, coffee and cream. Served on nitrogen at the bar, but conditioned for the bottle, allowing yeast to naturally carbonate the stout for an incredibly thick and smooth texture. She's so tasty, you'll believe cows really can jump over the moon!
  • Hay-Z New England Sour - Bringing the haze to our dry hopped sour ale
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Gladfield American, Flaked Wheat, Gladfield Wheat, Gladfield Sour
    Hops:Galaxy, Vic Secret
    Yeast:American Ale Yeast
    Style:New England Sour Ale
    B to the Izza-A, T to the C-H, Fo' shizzle my nizzle beer dribbles down ya face. B to the Izz-A, T to the C-H, that's the anthem get'cha danm hands up. B to the Izz-A, T to the C-H, hops filled me y'all go to feel me. B to the Izz-A, T to the C-H, that's the anthem we feelin' real handsome. Holla at us, we do this for lacto culture. This what New England sour look like. This beer be damn fine, like Da Vinci sculpture. 10KG dry hop, shockwave from a tastebud rupture. Vic got a secret, he shady, takin' over the Galaxy. Raise your glass baby, we hustlin' every day see. Super fly, super tasty, flavour rich like gold dust. Go on take a sip, resistance is hopeless. If you havin' problems we feel bad for you son. 99 problems, good beer ain't one.
  • Just Beer - extended lagering and gently hopped
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Voyager Hindmarsh, Malted Wheat, Cara Malt
    Hops:Summer & VIC Secret
    A lot of raw materials are used to brew the beer you drink, from water and electricity, to hops and cereal grains. That's why it's part of our goal to minimize the impact we have on our community, our land and our air. One small step we've taken is by directly supporting the farmers who justly care for our earth through their sustainable growing and harvesting of barley. Farm malted Hindmarsh barley from Voyager Craft Malt in the Riverina is the simple base for this simple beer. And the extended lagering and gentle hopping deliver a clean flavour that allows the beer to speak for itself. With every sip that you take, you can rest easy knowing that this beer is truly just - just for farmers, just for our community, Just Beer.
  • MacBatch (2015) - Oak aged Wee Heavy
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Gladfield Ale, Simpsons Imperial, Simpsons Aromatic, Gladfield Sour
    Hops:Willamette, East Kent Goldings
    Yeast:American Ale
    Style:Oak Aged Wee heavy ale
    Nothing too good for this handcrafted big boy! The best barley, malted by the growers on their farm. A special kettle caramelising process for that beautifully intense flavour. And aged on oak for 30 days. Pretty heavy stuff. Now go and enjoy this ale with your clan - cheers!
  • Pash the Magic Dragon - Fruited Sour Ale
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Gladfield American Ale, wheat malt, unmalted wheat
    Hops:gentle bittering
    Yeast:American Ale
    Style:Passion and Dragon Fruit Sour
    Pash the Magic Dragon lived by the brewery, and frollicked in a golden grist of flaked wheat and barley. His friend, Jackle Paper, loved that rascal Pash, and brought him malt to help him sour that crisp and tasty mash. Oh! Together they would sour wort with some lactic acid, Jackle kept a lookout to make sure it wasn't flaccid. But one wanted a sweet and yellow from some passionfruit, the other wanted pink and tart from some dragon fruit. Oh! The dragon and his friend, they bickered all night long, til they finally realised that neither one was wrong! They put each fruit into the beer and let it settle out, the friendship saved! The beer was great! Was there any doubt?!
  • Tank 6 Imperial Stout - Russian Imperial Stout
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Gladfield American Ale, Golden Promise, Roasted Malts, Chocolate Malts, Crystal Malt
    Hops:East Kent Goldings, Warrior, Chinook, Summer
    Yeast:American Ale
    Style:Russian Imperial Stout
    The main ingredient of any beer this big and complex is time. Over the six months spent in Tank 6, this stout's namesake, the yeast continued its work allowing the copious amounts of roasted malt to mellow into luscious and rich flavours of coffee and chocolate. Farm malted in NZ, Gladfield ale malt provides the bulk of the fermentables and alcohol warmth which is gently swept away by the sweet characteristics, ranging from honey to plum, derived from four different crystal malts. Gentle bittering from the hop East Kent Goldings delivers its balance and approachability, allowing you to sink deeply into your favouite arm chair (at Batch, or at home) and appreciate the finer things in life. Serve cool, but not cold, and pour with some vigour into your favourite wide mouthed, stemmed glass to appreciate the various flavours that present as the beer warms in your hand.
  • West Coast IPA - West Coast Hops
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Pale Ale, Carapils, Wheat
    Hops:Mosaic, Centennial, Chinook
    Yeast:American Ale
    Style:American IPA
    Of all the IPAs Batch has ever made, only one became a permanent fixture of the brewery - a testament to quality if ever there was one! Bright in colour, dry on the palate and thirst quenching in the extreme, wheat and pale malts compliment each other with nuance. Hops are added all through the boil and fermentor - Centennial and Chinook provide a generous base of juicy, chewy fruits, before Mosaic hops shine through with big hints of pineapple and tropical stone fruit. Balanced to precision, the bitterness in this IPA never overwhelms the palate. At the lower end of the IPA’s ABV spectrum, this beer is a faithful example of the West Coast style. High quality, precise, nuanced and fresh, this beer all of the qualities on which Batch prides itself.

In Bottles / Growlers (but not on tap):

  • Australian IPA - All Aussie hops & malts
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Gairdner Pale Ale, Malted Wheat, Cara Pils
    Hops:Vic Secret & Cascade
    Yeast:American Ale
    G'day cobbers! We've got a real beaut for ya this time. She's got all Aussie ingredients, so ya know she's fair dinkum! Up New England way is the single sourced Gairdner malt from Moree. She's a touch sweeter and maltier then our West Coast IPA, but that's because we want this Sheila to be balance out with the crash bang wallop of Aussie hops we threw in; Tassie Cascade and then VIC Secret. But it's not all bitter though mates, those Aussie hops give a lot of aroma, and they are juicy! Kick back on the veranda, have a sip, and wait for the rains to come in!
  • The Huge Kahuna - Imperial Brown Ale
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Crystal 40, Special B, Imperial Malt, Chocolate Malt, Wheat Malt, Gladfield American
    Hops:Northern Brewer
    Yeast:American Ale
    Style:Imperial Brown Ale
    Cowabunga, dude! Before Batch was even a twinkle in our eye we were, like, totally on Waikiki beach, on holidays from jobs we weren't really doing anymore anyway, and we were just like, woah, let's do a coconut beer. And we did one called the Big Kahuna, and there was much rejoicing dudes. Rad story, but not as rad as this massively epic version we're releasing prior to re-release of The Big Kahuna called.....wait for it.....The Huge Kahuna! The Huge Kahuna has some gnarly malt complexity, giving it a rich and flavoursome maltiness without ever blowing out the sweetness, man. Like, then we added toasted coconut into the mash, then into the boil, then into the fermentor, so that some super fragrant coconut aromas get mad air out of the glass. But wait bro there's more...we added cacao nibs this time as well to give you some super chocolatey notes....arghhh so good! So wax your board and raise a glass to the winter months with some tropical tunes, colourful shirts and a bomber of The Huge Kahuna. Mahalo, bro!

Now Fermenting

  • American Pale Ale
  • Dank DIPA
  • Das Bohemian Pils
  • Elsie the Milk Stout
  • Hoppsy Mozy Nitro IPA
  • Just Beer
  • Kolsch
  • Pash the Magic Dragon
  • West Coast IPA

Tasting Room trading hours & Food:

  • Monday: 10 - 8pm
  • Tuesday: 10 - 8pm
  • Wednesday: 10 - 8pm
  • Thursday: 10 - 8pm ~ VeJoes
  • Friday: 10 - 9pm ~ Ripper Tucker
  • Saturday: 10 - 8pm ~ Shiso Fine
  • Sunday: 10 - 8pm ~ VeJoes

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Upcoming Events:

  • September 23rd Bank Hotel - Beer & BBQ Festival
    Come down and enjoy some delicious bbq and beer as we help raise money for Newtown Neighbourhood Centre as part of Newtown Festival.
  • September 30th Brewers Basketball
    Kicking off at midday, enter to have a chance of beating a team of brewers from Green Beacon, Capital and Batch Brewing Co.
  • October 6th&October 7th Craft Beer & Cider Festival
    After a huge success last year, Coogee Bay Hotel will transform once again into a festival celebrating some of the best craft beers & ciders in the country. Whether you are a beer or cider aficionado, a seasonal drinker or someone who is new to the craft beer and cider scene, we have you covered! This October, Coogee Bay Hotel will transform the Garden into a massive festival for all to enjoy. With live jazz, food pop-ups and over 80 beers and ciders to sample, this is one weekend you don’t want to miss.
  • October 6th&October 7th OktoberWest 2018
    Hold onto your schooners Sydney, Oktoberwest is back! Following a SOLD-OUT festival in 2017, Oktoberwest 2018 will be ‘beer’ger & ‘beer’ter with the festival expanding to both Saturday & Sunday. Oktoberwest is the official festival of the Inner West Brewery Association and celebrates the rich culture of Australia’s craft beer capital with a curated line-up of brews from eight of the best breweries in Sydney – Young Henrys, Willie the Boatman, Wayward Brewing Company, The Grifter Brewing Company, Batch Brewing Company, Sauce Brewing Co., Philter Brewing and Malt Shovel. Taking place in the heart of the Inner West, Marrickville’s Factory Theatre will be transformed into the ultimate Beer Garden and Beer Hall, boasting entertainment galore across multiple stages that will keep beer-lovers frothing all weekend! Line-up: SATURDAY 6TH: Bad//Dreems • Philadelphia Grand Jury • The Chats • Bloods • Laura Imbruglia • NEIGHBOURHOOD VOID • Sunscreen • 1989 Arcade Bar & Kitchen Pop-up ‘Beercade’ on FREEPLAY • Ranger Spacey • Operation Ibis • Beer Garden DJs + More To Be Announced! SUNDAY 7TH Dave Eastgate and Boner Contention’s Rock’n‘Roll Karaoke & Live Rawk Show • Ess-Em • Bovine & Swine Barbecue Co.‘s BBBQ (you can guess what the extra B is for) • Darcy Byrne’s Brewery Bingo • 1989 Arcade Bar & Kitchen’s Pop-up ‘Beercade’ on FREEPLAY• Factory Brewhaus Beer Games • Beer Garden DJs + HEAPS more to be announced!!
  • October 12thtoOctober 14th The 14th Annual Australian Beer Festival!
    Cumberland and Gloucester streets come alive with great Australian craft beer festivities over three days in October, showcasing more than 30 different Australian breweries, gourmet food stalls, meet the brewer sessions and live entertainment.
  • October 28th Sour Fest
    The first ever sour fest at Batch Brewing Company featuring sour beers from around the world! Come and enjoy your Sunday tasting some of the best sours around while having a great time listening to some tunes, eating great food from our local food trucks or chilling out and playing some cornhole!
  • November 3rd&November 4th Bitter & Twisted Boutique Beer Festival
    Bitter & Twisted is a celebration of music, food and beer There’s no better way to spend a day with your mates than celebrating good music, the best brews and delicious street food on the grounds of a former maximum security prison, Maitland Gaol.

Where we’ve delivered recently:

September 21st

  • Native Drops
  • Mr. Liquor Clemton Park
  • Acre Eatery
  • Queen Victoria Hotel
  • Nashville
  • Chambers Cellars Greenwich
  • Darlinghurst Fine Wines
  • Websters Bar
  • Archie Rose Distilling Co
  • Davids Cellars Sydenham
  • Stanmore Cellars
  • Temperance Society
  • Small Bar
  • Bitter Phew
  • Sydney Cove Oyster Bar
  • Rocksia Hotel
  • Redfern Surf Club
  • Berowra Village Tavern
  • North Curl Curl Cellars
  • Cromer Cellars
  • Royal Hotel Bondi
  • Carlisle Castle Hotel
  • BWS Coogee
  • BWS Crows Nest
  • BWS Bondi Junction
  • BWS Botany
  • BWS St. Leonards
  • Dan Murphy's Gladesville
  • Dan Murphy's Manly Vale
  • BWS Randwick
  • BWS Gordon
  • BWS Mascot
  • BWS Erskineville
  • BWS Marrickville Metro
  • BWS Avoca Beach
  • BWS Ashfield
  • Dan Murphy's Alexandria
  • BWS Leichhardt Marketplace
  • Dan Murphy's Leichhardt
  • BWS Bondi Beach
  • BWS Cronulla South
  • BWS Glebe
  • Bottle O'briens
  • Royal Leichhardt
  • The Henson Hotel
  • Bucket Boys
  • Lock Stock & Bottle
  • P&V Wine and Liquor
  • Brighton Hotel
  • Wests Ashfield
  • Earls Juke Joint
  • Marlborough Hotel
  • Wild Rover
  • 80 Bar & Cafe
  • Bank Hotel
  • Petersham Bowling Club
  • Liquor Emporium Hurlstone Park
  • Cutty Cellars Crows Nest
  • Bar Zaari
  • Oaks Hotel
  • Courthouse Hotel
  • Mr. Liquor South Coogee
  • Chambers Cellars Castle Hill
  • Enmore Fine Wines
  • Union Hotel
  • Petersham Liquor Mart
  • The Hop Factory
  • Warner's at the Bay
  • BWS Umina Beach
  • Tighes Hill Cellars
  • The Prince Kirrawee
  • Belmont 16ft Skiff Club
  • Dan Murphy's Newcastle West
  • Sackville Hotel
  • Georgetown Cellars
  • Carrington Bowling Club
  • Oldfield Cellars
  • Bottle O Lambton
  • Forest Lodge

September 14th

  • Quarryman's Hotel
  • Bull and Bush Hotel
  • Camperdown Cellars Cremorne
  • The Welcome HOtel
  • Petersham Liquor Mart
  • Small Bar
  • IGA Bligh Park
  • Davids Cellars Sydenham
  • Churchills
  • Glenhaven Rd Cellars
  • The Loose Dozen
  • Lord Raglan
  • BWS Mascot
  • Tudor Hall Hotel
  • Enmore Fine Wines
  • Sydney Park Hotel
  • Brighton Hotel
  • Elizabeth Bay Cellars
  • The Shoe Chef Cafe
  • Camperdown Cellars Darlinghurst
  • Vic on the Park Hotel
  • Union Hotel
  • Kirribilli Hotel
  • Dove and Olive
  • Banksia Hotel
  • Rowers on Cooks River
  • Camperdown Cellars Leichhardt
  • Red Bottle Central
  • Liquor Legends Ashfield
  • Clock Hotel
  • The Henson
  • Mr. Liquor Drummoyne
  • Bardwell Park Cellars
  • Elements Bar & Grill
  • Gladstone Hotel
  • BWS Marrickville
  • BWS Leichhardt Marketplace
  • BWS Erskineville
  • BWS Potts Point
  • BWS Canterbury Plaza
  • BWS Petersham
  • BWS Marrickville Metro
  • Archie Rose Distilling Co
  • The Prince Kirrawee
  • Winston Hills Hotel
  • Marlborough Hotel
  • Felix Hotel
  • Spidar Restaurant
  • Liquor Emporium St. Peters
  • Liquor Emporium Alexandria
  • The Woolpack Hotel
  • Camperdown Cellars P'matta Rd
  • Porters Galgowlah
  • High St. Social
  • Porters Waverton
  • One Penny Red