Petersham Brewery


Our small batch brewery located at Public House Petersham where we produce experimental flavours, test and refine processes, and find inspiration from friends and peers from all parts of the flavour world through collaborative brews. Enjoy our tap range and take home a growler (1.89L) or cans (440mL) filled onsite. For brewery tour enquires or table bookings please email


  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday: Closed
  • Thursday: 12 - 10pm
  • Friday: 12 - 10pm
  • Saturday: 12 - 10pm
  • Sunday: 12 - 8pm

EFTPOS available (no AMEX)

What's On tap:

  • Berliner Weisse - Traditional Berliner Weisse served with Yuzu Syrup
    Tasting Notes:
    Style:Berliner Weisse
  • Boysenberry Sour Ale (Forest Lodge Hotel Collab)
    Tasting Notes:
    Style:Sour Ale
  • Campos Milk Stout - Coffee Infused Milk Stout
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Voyager Schooner Veloria, Gladfield Roast Barley, Gladfield Dark Chocolate, Gladfield Vienna, Gladfield Light Crystal, Flaked Oats and Flaked Wheat
    Hops:East Kent Goldings
    Yeast:American Ale
    Style:Coffee Infused Milk Stout
    Two great classics collide in the Campos X Batch collaborative Milk Stout. Campos Superior Blend adds subtle notes of sweet red fruit and caramel to an incredibly complex malt bill. The result is a smooth stout full of roasty flavours, coffee and dark chocolate. Served on nitrogen for a superior mouthfeel.
  • Double Rainbow - Trippy Hippy's XXPA
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Gladfield American Ale, Vienna Malt, Caramel Pilsner, Bohemian Pilsner
    Hops:Citra & Galaxy
    Yeast:American Ale
    Trippy hippy is back from his sole searching camping trip where he saw a Double Rainbow! This bodacious yet colourful beer is a combo of clean American pale malt and a crips addition of Bohemian Pilsner, creating a classic dry pale ale base. But it still has just the right amount of soft malty goodness to balance out the luscious garden of tropical delights, created by adding copius amounts of Galaxy and Citra hops, providing a huge burst of passionfruit aroma, a tangy taste of grapefruit, and some sweet melon. Takes you back to that time during that camping trip where you told everyone you saw a double rainbow and swore you could also taste colours (must have been a bad prawn).
  • Into The Summer - Session Ale
    Tasting Notes:
    Style:Session Ale
  • Small Batch Helles House Lager
    Tasting Notes:
    Style:Helles Lager
  • Small Batch Imperial Stout
    Tasting Notes:
    Style:Imperial Stout
  • Tasman Tango Pale Ale - A Pale Ale that showcases both sides of the ditch
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Gladfield American, Gladfield Supernova, Gladfield Wheat, Gladfield Gladiator
    Hops:Rakua, Vic Secret
    Yeast:American Ale
    Style:South Pacific Ale
    This modern Pale Ale uniquely showcases the great ingredients from both sides of the ditch! On a base of soft & sweet local malt, a delicate floral bitterness of kiwi hops tangos with a big citrus & mango aroma from aussie hops in this crisp, bright and refreshing ale. Lets dance!
  • Watermelon Gose
    Tasting Notes:
  • White Chocolate & Raspberry Cream Ale
    Tasting Notes:
    Style:Cream Ale

Now Fermenting Petersham

  • Pacific Hazy Pale Ale
  • Sabro & Galaxy IPA
  • Nitro Pale Ale
  • Helles Lager
  • Aussie Pils
  • Easy XPA
  • Juicy Boys NEIPA
  • Saison