Come out to sample our range of hand crafted beers, enjoy a jar or two with your friends and take away a growler (1.89L), bomber (640mL), or a can (440ml) of your favourite. Ask us about a private brewery tour, as we're always happy to show you around, and share the science and art behind each Batch. Tours are on Saturday at 12:30pm and Sunday at 12:30pm and 2:30pm by booking only, so please email for more information and to book a tour or a table (no table bookings after 1pm on Saturday)!

What's on tap:

  • 2 Strainz - Triticale Sour Ale
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Voyager Triticale, Voyager Schooner, Gladfield Sour, Flaked Wheat
    Hops:Ryefield Cascade, Ella
    Yeast:Belgian Saison
    Style:Sour Ale
    Beer's the motivation, malt's the conversation. 2 Strainz in one, we getting crazy yo. Wheat crossed with Rye, give it a full bodied go. Zesty, resilient & hazy, some say we crazy. Ryefield provide the hops we chose. Triticale from Voyager, the land where heritage grows. Kettle soured for the flavour overflows. Sniffing from the glass to catch the citrus nose. Yeah, a hybrid strain, call it multi-tasking.. Perfecting our passion, what's that you're asking? Pour out the bottle cascade flavour unfurled. People entranced as the liquid swirls. Raise that glass, show it to the world. This moment, we own it. One life to live, one beer to give. This moment, WE own it!
  • Campos Milk Stout - Coffee Infused Milk Stout
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Voyager Schooner Veloria, Gladfield Roast Barley, Gladfield Dark Chocolate, Gladfield Vienna, Gladfield Light Crystal, Flaked Oats and Flaked Wheat
    Hops:East Kent Goldings
    Yeast:American Ale
    Style:Coffee Infused Milk Stout
    Two great classics collide in the Campos X Batch collaborative Milk Stout. Campos Superior Blend adds subtle notes of sweet red fruit and caramel to an incredibly complex malt bill. The result is a smooth stout full of roasty flavours, coffee and dark chocolate. Served on nitrogen for a superior mouthfeel.
  • Double Rainbow - Trippy Hippy's XXPA
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Gladfield American Ale, Vienna Malt, Caramel Pilsner, Bohemian Pilsner
    Hops:Citra & Galaxy
    Yeast:American Ale
    Trippy hippy is back from his sole searching camping trip where he saw a Double Rainbow! This bodacious yet colourful beer is a combo of clean American pale malt and a crips addition of Bohemian Pilsner, creating a classic dry pale ale base. But it still has just the right amount of soft malty goodness to balance out the luscious garden of tropical delights, created by adding copius amounts of Galaxy and Citra hops, providing a huge burst of passionfruit aroma, a tangy taste of grapefruit, and some sweet melon. Takes you back to that time during that camping trip where you told everyone you saw a double rainbow and swore you could also taste colours (must have been a bad prawn).
  • Elsie the Milk Stout - Nitrogenated stout with lactose
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:2-Row, Maris Otter, Roast, Light Crystal, Flaked Barley, Flaked Oats, Vienna, Chocolate, Lactose
    Hops:Willamette & Fuggles
    Yeast:American Ale
    Style:Milk Stout
    Elsie is made by combining unfermentable lactose with a malt bill so complex the brewers refer to it as their 'kitchen sink beer'. The result is a beer that's sweet and smooth and dark and roasty, with gentle touches of chocolate, coffee and cream. Served on nitrogen at the bar, but conditioned for the bottle, allowing yeast to naturally carbonate the stout for an incredibly thick and smooth texture. She's so tasty, you'll believe cows really can jump over the moon!
  • Hay-Z New England Sour - Bringing the haze to our dry hopped sour ale
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Gladfield American, Flaked Wheat, Gladfield Wheat, Gladfield Sour
    Hops:Galaxy, Vic Secret
    Yeast:American Ale Yeast
    Style:New England Sour Ale
    B to the Izza-A, T to the C-H, Fo' shizzle my nizzle beer dribbles down ya face. B to the Izz-A, T to the C-H, that's the anthem get'cha danm hands up. B to the Izz-A, T to the C-H, hops filled me y'all go to feel me. B to the Izz-A, T to the C-H, that's the anthem we feelin' real handsome. Holla at us, we do this for lacto culture. This what New England sour look like. This beer be damn fine, like Da Vinci sculpture. 10KG dry hop, shockwave from a tastebud rupture. Vic got a secret, he shady, takin' over the Galaxy. Raise your glass baby, we hustlin' every day see. Super fly, super tasty, flavour rich like gold dust. Go on take a sip, resistance is hopeless. If you havin' problems we feel bad for you son. 99 problems, good beer ain't one.
  • Just Beer - extended lagering and gently hopped
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Voyager Hindmarsh, Malted Wheat, Cara Malt
    Hops:Summer & VIC Secret
    A lot of raw materials are used to brew the beer you drink, from water and electricity, to hops and cereal grains. That's why it's part of our goal to minimize the impact we have on our community, our land and our air. One small step we've taken is by directly supporting the farmers who justly care for our earth through their sustainable growing and harvesting of barley. Farm malted Hindmarsh barley from Voyager Craft Malt in the Riverina is the simple base for this simple beer. And the extended lagering and gentle hopping deliver a clean flavour that allows the beer to speak for itself. With every sip that you take, you can rest easy knowing that this beer is truly just - just for farmers, just for our community, Just Beer.
  • Method Man-Darin Sour Ale - Sour ale with Mandarin Juice
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Gladfield Pilsner, Gladfield Munich, Dark Wheat, Flaked Wheat, Acidulated Malt
    Hops:Gentle Bittering
    Yeast:American Ale
    Style:Sour Ale
    Microphone checka, big Mandarin lecture. Lactic Acid Fermenter, be a kettle sour protecta. Cascade’s in the boiling pot, weather’s hottin up. For realzy refreshing Mandreezy, American Ale yeasty all in the fermenteezy. This sour be pleasin’ with the change of seasons. Mashing with Gladfield, biscuits of Munich mixed with Pilsner to brew it. Reppin that Acidulated Malt, homie’s character be sour going straight to ya dome, sneakin bottles in ya home. Taste that fruit, straight up 72 litres of Mandarin Juice. That’s our Method Man-darin, you know where we been. True philosophisers, ya spring’ll rock wilder. Raise that sour son, it’s really real son, something you can feel son, load it up and try one. We gone.
  • Señor Spicy - Orange & Chilli Gosé
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Gladfield American, Gladfield Wheat, Flaked Wheat, Sour Malt
    Hops:Gentle Bittering
    Yeast:Belgian Ale Yeast
    Style:Orange & Chilli Gosé
    Inspired by the spirit and the spice of Mexico's wild west. Where nothing refreshes quite like fresh, juicy oranges... A sprinkle of delicate Murray River Pink Salt wraps up the citrus znd chilli additions into a tangy, thirst quenching beer with a gentle warmth.
  • West Coast IPA - West Coast Hops
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Pale Ale, Carapils, Wheat
    Hops:Mosaic, Centennial, Chinook
    Yeast:American Ale
    Style:American IPA
    Of all the IPAs Batch has ever made, only one became a permanent fixture of the brewery - a testament to quality if ever there was one! Bright in colour, dry on the palate and thirst quenching in the extreme, wheat and pale malts compliment each other with nuance. Hops are added all through the boil and fermentor - Centennial and Chinook provide a generous base of juicy, chewy fruits, before Mosaic hops shine through with big hints of pineapple and tropical stone fruit. Balanced to precision, the bitterness in this IPA never overwhelms the palate. At the lower end of the IPA’s ABV spectrum, this beer is a faithful example of the West Coast style. High quality, precise, nuanced and fresh, this beer all of the qualities on which Batch prides itself.
  • What A Melon - Summer ale with El Dorado and pressed watermelon.
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Gladfield American, Malted Wheat, Carapils
    Hops:El Dorado
    Yeast:American Ale
    Style:Summer Ale
    We've decided to put the brewers to work carving up fruit by bringing back an old favourite again this year! A crisp and pale malt bill provides a refreshing back bone, while El Dorado hops lift an intensely tropical, sweet fruit, bubblegum aroma profile from the glass. To this, we add over 600 kg's of fresh watermelon. As that refermentation finishes, the beer left behind is thirst quenching and sweet to smell but dry to taste. The perfect beer to accompany the summer warmth. Summer, what a season. What a beer. What a Melon.

In Bottles / Growlers (but not on tap):

  • American Pale Ale - All Cascade hops from kettle to fermenter.
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Pale Ale, Vienna, Carapils, Light Crystal
    Yeast:American Ale
    Style:American Pale Ale
    The first beer we ever made, American Pale Ale gives a fantastic idea of what we stand for at Batch: fresh, independent, unpasturised, unfiltered, natural, balanced. A combination of Vienna and caramel pilsner malt round off a malt bill that leans towards the drier end of the style, softening its body a touch, before big hits of Cascade hops from the whirlpool and fermentor give a complex burst of fresh cut grass, citrus stone fruit and a touch of pine. This is the beer that shows the quality and nuance you can expect from Batch Brewing Co, and it all started with Chris and Andrew in their backyards. We brew for you.
  • Autumn Dawn - Red IPA
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Voyager Schooner, Voodoo, Vienna, Redback, Sheperds Delight, Wheat and Weyermann Carafa
    Hops:Citra and Azacca
    Yeast:American Ale
    Style:Red IPA
    A rich, malty and balanced IPA with fruity and resinous hop aroma. The Gladfield & Voyager malt bill instills rich caramel malt characteristics. Citra and Azacca provide A pronounced bitterness to follow hoppy flavours of citrus, pine and melon.
  • Black Magic Coffee Porter - Coffee infused Porter
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Schooner, Amber, Gladfield Vienna, Carafa III, Chocolate, Crystal Dark
    Hops:East Kent Goldings
    Yeast:American Ale Yeast
    This porter uses a mix of malts to provide a rich, complex flavour that is only heightened by the addition of coffee. Amber malts provide a unique roasted quality that is nutty and toasty. Combined with dried fruit and caramel characters and a touch of roast. It's no wonder that when you add this Voodoo Coffee blend that is known for its well balanced, nutty and roasty character, that this combination will be pure black magic in your glass.
  • Buckley St. Brown Ale - Brown Ale
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Voyager Veloria, Gladfield Vienna, Dark Crystal, Light Crystal, Dark Chocolate, Flaked Oats
    Hops:East Kent Golding and Amarillo
    Yeast:Americal Ale
    Style:Brown Ale
    Buckley Street Brown Ale (a simple nod to our local area) is a beer that is fermented a touch lower than our other beers to give it a clean ester profile that lets the balanced malt and hops do the talking. The Chocolate, Voyager Veloria and mix of crystal malts give a pleasant roast character with a bit of body and sweetness. This is a beer for people who appreciate the subtle characteristics of a well made, very drinkable beer.
  • Das Bohemian Pils - Pilsner
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Gladfield Pilsner, Gladiator, Sour Grapes
    Yeast:German Lager Yeast
    Hallo! We present to you our Das Boehmian Pils ja! A long time ago we stahl (um...borrowed) this style from our Czech nachbarn (neighbours), and with a little Deutzche influence we made this style perfekt! But because we mogen (like) them so much, we've kept the Bohemian style and name. Aren't we nett (nice)? A glatt (smooth), unglaublich sauber (incredibly clean) malz (malty) base with plenty of brot (bread) and crackery characteristics with a wenig malz sube (little malty sweetness) to fertig (finish). Klassisch (classic) Czech Saaz hopfen (hops) provide a clean bitterness and a krauterand wurzen (herbal & spice) character too. A delicious weich, kissenartig, stark (soft, pillow, stark) whit kopf (head) as a result of naturlich kohlensaure (natural carbonation), making Das Boehmian very glatt and angenehm (smooth and pleasant). Genieben or Na Zdravi (enjoy) !
  • Ginu-Pine - Pineapple & Mosaic Sour Ale
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Gladfield American, Gladfield Wheat Malt, Gladfield Sour, Flaked Wheat
    Hops:Melba, Mosaic
    Yeast:Belgian Saison, Lactobacillus
    Style:Sour Ale
    We just Batch lords, looking for perfect partners. Pineapple that know how to ride. Mosaic hops, break some off. Gotta be compatible, takes you to your limits. Flavour country, smooth not rough. This is a taste train you won't want to get off. If you're thirsty, lets do it. Gulp it, down slowly. Tastebud baiting, pucker up on it. If you're thirsty, let's do it. Try it, we ain't phony. Fresh taste waiting, come and jump on it. All the taste get lost in Lactobacillus enforcing. Just once if i have the chance. The things i will do for you. You and your body., every single portion. Send chills up and down your spine. 120L of pineapple juice makes me Ginu-Pine.
  • Hoppsy Mozy Nitro IPA - Nitro IPA with Mosaic
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Provenance Gairdner, Gladfield Wheat, Gladfield Gladiator, Lactose
    Yeast:American Ale Yeast
    Woah, what's this? Yeah man, it's a nitro IPA and it'll blow your mind! Super charged with 5kgs of Mosaic hops added in the whirlpool and then dry hopped, giving you some real nice pineapple notes. But that's not it, we've added lactose in this IPA to help balance out that typical IPA bitterness giving you a nice, well rounded experience. But wait, there's even more! We've also put Nitrogen in this bad boy to make it even more smooth and creamy. People, this is an IPA style like you've never experienced before, and once you try it, you'll come back for more!
  • Pash the Magic Dragon - Fruited Sour Ale
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Gladfield American Ale, wheat malt, unmalted wheat
    Hops:gentle bittering
    Yeast:American Ale
    Style:Passion and Dragon Fruit Sour
    Pash the Magic Dragon lived by the brewery, and frollicked in a golden grist of flaked wheat and barley. His friend, Jackle Paper, loved that rascal Pash, and brought him malt to help him sour that crisp and tasty mash. Oh! Together they would sour wort with some lactic acid, Jackle kept a lookout to make sure it wasn't flaccid. But one wanted a sweet and yellow from some passionfruit, the other wanted pink and tart from some dragon fruit. Oh! The dragon and his friend, they bickered all night long, til they finally realised that neither one was wrong! They put each fruit into the beer and let it settle out, the friendship saved! The beer was great! Was there any doubt?!
  • Tank 6 Imperial Stout - Russian Imperial Stout
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Gladfield American Ale, Golden Promise, Roasted Malts, Chocolate Malts, Crystal Malt
    Hops:East Kent Goldings, Warrior, Chinook, Summer
    Yeast:American Ale
    Style:Russian Imperial Stout
    The main ingredient of any beer this big and complex is time. Over the six months spent in Tank 6, this stout's namesake, the yeast continued its work allowing the copious amounts of roasted malt to mellow into luscious and rich flavours of coffee and chocolate. Farm malted in NZ, Gladfield ale malt provides the bulk of the fermentables and alcohol warmth which is gently swept away by the sweet characteristics, ranging from honey to plum, derived from four different crystal malts. Gentle bittering from the hop East Kent Goldings delivers its balance and approachability, allowing you to sink deeply into your favouite arm chair (at Batch, or at home) and appreciate the finer things in life. Serve cool, but not cold, and pour with some vigour into your favourite wide mouthed, stemmed glass to appreciate the various flavours that present as the beer warms in your hand.
  • The Dank Double IPA - Whirlpool hop addition with 2 dry hops!
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Gladfield, Voyager, Carapils, Wheat
    Hops:Warrior, Galaxy, Vic Secret, Cascade
    Yeast:American Ale
    Bra, this IPA is sick man. I mean it's got that resin vibe, that hoppy vibe, that bitterness's just The Dank bra. We totally put in some Gladfield and Voyager malts to leave a little malty sugariness, so it's not too bitter from the Warrior hop addition. Then the rest of the hopping regime, oh my gawd dude! Tons of Galaxy, Vic Secret, and Cascade got thrown in the whirlpool when it chill'n like a villain at 85 Celcius. "Woah, what does that mean dude?" I hear my compadre's ask. Dude, it's totally out of this world, cause with a double dry hop bro, its soooo DANK!
  • Voodoo Gold - Trippy Hippie's Voodoo Gold
    Tasting Notes:
    Malt:Voyager Schooner, Voyager Vienna, Voyager Voodoo, Gladiator, Gladfield Wheat, Dark Crystal
    Hops:El Dorado, Mosaic
    Yeast:American Ale Yeast
    Style:Hoppy Amber Ale
    Aahhhh dude, so I was like traveling throughout the world and I had this trippy experience somewhere. Man, I really can't remember where it was but there was like all this crazy voodoo going on with like, weird chanting man...It was nuts. And they were like feeding me raisins, caramel, tropical fruits at the same time, and then some dank resinous stuff (and I mean woah!). To top it all off, they were rubbing me with gold man, and that's when it got weird. I don't actually know what they achieved, but after that whole experience, I was like "Dude! If you like combine all those flavours together, a that's a pretty killer beer!" So I came back in to the brewery and started messing around with some malty and fruit notes, and came up with this gold number. But don't worry, I left the actual voodoo hoo haa out!

Now Fermenting

  • American Pale Ale
  • Buckley St. Brown Ale
  • Campos Milk Stout
  • Elsie the Milk Stout
  • Juicy as Phuck
  • Just Beer
  • Method Man-Darin Sour Ale
  • Pash the Magic Dragon
  • Sky Rockets in Flight
  • Vapor Trails
  • Voodoo Gold
  • West Coast IPA

Tasting Room trading hours & Food:

  • Monday: 10 - 8pm
  • Tuesday: 10 - 8pm
  • Wednesday: 10 - 8pm ~ VeJoes
  • Thursday: 10 - 8pm ~ Pork & Cheese
  • Friday: 10 - 9pm ~ VeJoes
  • Saturday: 10 - 9pm ~ Beef'd Up
  • Sunday: 10 - 8pm ~ Jackalope

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Upcoming Events:

  • May 26th Señor Spicy Can Launch
    Join us for our the launch of Señor Spicy our citrus and chilli gose. Señor Spicy on tap and in cans for takeaways and a special spicy food menu from Jackalope!
  • May 29th Pre Gabs - Inner West Vs North Shore Tap Take Over
    Join us for the annual Pre Gabs Inner West Vs North Shore Tap Take Over at The Forest Lodge Hotel. We will be there along with Yulli's Brews, Willie The Boatman, Akasha, Nomad and 4 Pines.
  • May 30th Haze Craze - Dugges X Batch NEIPA Showcase
    Join us for a hazy beer extravaganza. Launching the Dugges X Batch Pear and Mango Neipa collaboration beer. Fresh Dugges X Batch, Juicy as Phuck and Hay-Z on tap. Cans of Juicy as Phuck and Hay-Z available for takeaway and tasty eats from Vejoe's.
  • June 2nd Bottomless APA and BBQ at Barzaari
    Grab a bottomless APA for just $30pp to match along with your tasty meal at Bazaari.
  • June 14th Big Kahuna Party
    Big Kahuna is Back! Food by Inbocca, Hawaiian Tunes, Kahuna on tap and in cans for takeaway and Collectors Kahuna Tiki Pint Glasses.

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May 24th

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May 17th

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